Good evening dear friends,

      Today is a really happy day to me to share my future with all of you. The topic of mine tonight is “My Future” 
     When I was young, I love the song “ My future isn’t a dream .” I love the song which brings me confidence when I singing it every time. I believe that all our dreams can come true if we have courage to pursue them .When I was young my father always asked me what I would be in the future. Sometimes I found it very hard to give a certain reply. “ I want to be a doctor .” “ I want to be a teacher .” and “ I ’d like to be a scientist !” Many of these answers are perhaps very childish and ridiculous. But I never think they are far away . 
    Now, I’m not a little girl, I have grown up. I have own family. Although, sometimes I keep on thinking whether I don’t have any more colorful dreams. Everyday I always put myself in the busy work, studying and living. Even I have a little time to think what happen in my future. But when I think it over, I find that I still have dreams. It’s not more colorful and interesting than my childish dream, but they are not far away from me, they will come true.
Like most of people, I have most common dreams. First, I really hope to have a wonderful family. What is my family in my dream? My family has a handsome husband who loves me forever and a cute child. We might be spend time together traveling, reading, doing exercises, and so on. My child will be health, beautiful and clever. I think my child will be having many talents like his parents. For example, he will be tall and has big eyes, just like his father. He will be charming, just like me. He will be intelligent, just like his father. He will be good at singing, just like me. I think we will give him a wonderful childhood, and he will have a wonderful life. 
   Second, I’m planning to hunt a good job .What is a job in my dream? I hope to join a foreign company as a finance manger. I hope to get a handsome. I hope to have a good relationship with my colleagues and my boss. I hope to I can manage everything very well. I hope to use my knowledge and experiences to deal with various hard situations. I think my dream will come true in some day. What should I do? In the past time, I have been working and studying hardly. Now I am studying English everyday. I believe I can speak and write English very well in my future. All of these will help me to realize my dream.
At last but not least, I hope to learn to play the piano. Actually, I really like music, I like playing piano. Unfortunately, I have no chance to learn the skills that play piano. When I was young, I have no money to learn it. Now I have no time to learn it. So I look forward to buy a real piano and I can use it to play a lot of nice soft music. 
   So, all of these dreams will be come true in my future. I will keep on walking towards my dreams. I really believe one sentence that “If you think you can, you can.” Believe it, do it.

Thank you for your listening/attention.