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Model Test 01

Part III Listening Comprehension
Section A
11. A. A box of match. B. A match-making.
C. A sport match. D. A commentator.
12. A. His advisor. B. His teacher.
  C. His partner. D. His boss.
13. A. In a waiting-room. B. In a hospital.
  C. At the post-office. D. In a hotel.
14. A. A teacher. B. A professor.
  C. A student. D. An examiner
15. A. A math teacher and his colleague.
  B. A teacher and his student.
  C. A student and his classmate.
  D. A librarian and a student.
16. A. It doesn’t matter which subject the man chooses.
  B. It’s a difficult decision.
  C. She doesn’t like either subject.
  D. The man doesn’t like the subject.
17. A. They are playing snow. B. They are waiting for a bus.
  C. The man was bitten by a mad dog. D. The bus would not come.
18. A. She wants to count his money.
  B. She wants to know some procedure.
  C. She wants to apply for a job.
  D. She wants to save some money at the bank.
Question 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
19. A. The man has got a well-paid job.
  B. The man is busy looking for a job.
  C. The man has found a teaching job in the university.
  D. Then man has got a low-paid job.
20. A. In a bank. B. In a hotel.
  C. In a restaurant D. In an airport.
21. A. Help the woman with her work.
  B. Meet the woman’s boss.
  C. Invite the woman for lunch.
  D. Accompany with the woman to shopping.
22. A. Leave half an hour for preparation before work.
  B. Refuse the customers’ unreasonable requests.
  C. Never pull a long face in front of the boss.
  D. Satisfy the customer’s all requests.
Question 23 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
23. A. They don’t get rid of flabby arm.
  B. They can damage arm muscles.
  C. They aren’t acceptable to most people.
  D. They can raise one’s blood pressure.
24. A. Exercising the entire body.
  B. Having your blood pressure taken daily.
  C. Losing weight prior to exercising.
  D. Weighing in before each exercise session.
25. A. Wearing arm weights while you are swimming.
  B. Jogging vigorously in one place for a long time.
  C. Using bicycles that require you to use both your arms and legs.
  D. Walking slowly while swinging your arms back and forth.
Section B
Passage One
Question 26 to 28.
26. A. Because the bird couldn’t repeat his master’s name.
  B. Because the bird screamed all day long.
  C. Because the bird uttered the wrong word.
  D. Because the bird failed to say the name of the town.
27. A. The cruel master B. The man in the kitchen.
  C. The pet bird. D. The fourth chicken.
28. A. The bird had finally understood his threat.
  B. The bird managed to escape from the chicken house.
  C. The bird had learned to scream back at him.
  D. The bird was living peacefully with the chickens.
Question 29 to 31.
29. A. Because there were fewer people in the shop than usual.
  B. Because there were lots of people in the shop.
  C. Because the woman was well-dressed.
  D. Because the woman didn’t notice the detective at all.
30. A. She was an American girl.
  B. She was the shop manager’s daughter.
  C. She was the woman’s daughter.
  D. She was a detective.
31. A. It’s difficult to be honest.
  B. People have become more honest than before.
  C. People will be arrested if they are not honest.
  D. People are not so honest as they once were.
Question 32 to 35.
32. A. The long distance between his home town and New York.
  B. His unpopular character.
  C. The high unemployment rate in New York.
  D. His criminal record.
33. A. He wanted to be put in prison again.
  B. He needed the money to support his family.
  C. He hated the barber there.
  D. He wanted to make himself well known.
34. A. He went directly to the police station.
  B. He drove out of the town and tried to escape.
  C. He waited for the police to arrest him.
  D. He argued with the police angrily.
35. A. Mr. Spears enjoyed living in prison.
  B. Mr. Spears was known as a greedy man in his community.
  C. The police in New York were not very efficient.
  D. The only way for Mr. Spears to support his family was by going to prison again.
Section C
The wolves thus (36)         the sheepdogs, “Why should you, who are like us in so many things, not be (37)         of one mind with us, and live with us as brothers should? We (38)    from you in one point only. We live in (39)         , but you bow down to and slave for men, who in return for your (40)         flog you with whips and put collars on your (41)         . They make you also (42)         their sheep, and while they eat the mutton throw only the bones to you. If you will be (43)         by us, you will give us the sheep, and we will enjoy them in (44)         , till we all are surfeited.” The dogs listened favorably to these (45)         , and, entering the den of the wolves, they were set upon and torn to pieces.

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